I think my husband is having an affair. I accidentally seen a message on his Facebook that HE asked to meet with a woman during a trip.

by Danielle

Background: I had dropped my phone and the screen cracked. I used one of our old phones until I could get mine repaired. When I went to Facebook (on the temporary phone), it was still logged into my husband's account. I seen he had a FB message and read it (yes, I got nosey). It was a response to the message he sent to this beautiful SINGLE female that he knows from work. He had basically told her that he was going to be in her area for a couple days and suggested that they get together. Her response was, "HECK YEAH I'm there. I usually get off work around 5pm."

I confronted my husband with what I had said, and he said he had no intentions of meeting with her and that he respects our marriage too much to do anything to ruin it. I admit that at that point, I didn't believe him because HE was the one that initiated their conversation. He quickly deleted his email and facebook information out of the temporary phone I was using.

I looked on HIS phone the next day and he thought he had deleted the message. After discussions, I had told him that I know he works with a lot of women (he is in the military) and sometimes has to meet with them for lunch/dinner as a GROUP. I expressed that I didn't feel it was appropriate for a married man to meet a single woman alone...as it could easily grow into other things.

When he was on his trip, he would randomly send me pictures to "prove" where he was at. One night, I couldn't reach him for 4 hours. He claims that he was with someone teaching him his job (AT NIGHT)...but no pics from this at all. He also told me (with enthusiasm) that he had eaten lunch with this girl and a couple others that day. He didn't understand why I was upset. I tried to express that I wasn't worried about ALL the women...just the one that he was having intimate conversation with. He returned from his trip as if nothing happened, and brought me a gift. I feel like he is trying to make up for some guilty feelings he has?

I admit, I don't feel that I can trust him...and I HATE that I seen that stupid message. Today, I was going to see if he had his FB on HIS phone, and he has now set a password and hasn't given it to me...but insists he has nothing to hide.


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