I think my wife has joined the other team - "I can't remember when I last saw her boobs"

by Jeff

My wife and I have been married for 17 years. About 3 months ago she had found a new best girlfriend. In those past 3 months I have seemed to very low in her life. They work together and they spend at least 3 nights a week together.

I work weird shifts (2 day shifts then 2 night shifts then 4 days off)and it seems like the days that I'm off is whey go out. She used to schedule at least 1 of her days off when I was off. Now, we are going on 1 1/2 months without us being off. About the middle on January the 2 of them scheduled a massage and I said jokingly "Is it a couples massage" OMG did she fly off the handle. I brought up my concerns about their relationship and would tell me I am very insecure.

I have noticed since this happened that she always has her cell phone on her and disappears into the bathroom with her phone constantly. She has started to wear perfume to work. She and her friend do yoga twice a week and go to her house afterwards for about 2 hours. I had asked about her yoga place and she got very defensive and I said if she likes that yoga place I will buy her a 14 session pass to which she replied don't worry about it.

I also noticed that she started to shave her pubic hair completely off, which I have asked her to do numerous times which she would tell me it itches to much. Our sex life is next to nothing and when we do, all I see is her back.

I can't remember when I last saw her boobs. I recently found a torn up note which said " Have I told you today that I love you. XOXOXO smiles only" with a smiley face. I showed this to four women that I work with they said they would not send their best girl friend a note like this. These woman range in age from 25- 50 and I trust their opinion.

Am I jumping to conclusions or that insecure.

Thanks for letting me vent

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