I want revenge! JUST found out my husband is cheating.

by LeeLee
(Los Angeles)

Hello, I'm new here... I just discovered a few hours ago that my husband of 11 years(but we've been together for over 25 years) is cheating on me.

We were planning an out-of-town trip. While booking our trip on HIS computer, I see in his account that he has a trip planned the month before out of town with this woman.

He's paying for their flight and room. He has her name on the ticket and everything. He's a pretty dumb cheater, wow... He cheated a few years ago with this woman who's also married and I forgave him and he promised it was over.

I don't know if it was still going on or recently started up again. Gave him a 2nd chance, there will be no 3rd chance. Unfortunately, I recently discovered that he's put our finances in the hole but I'll just have to deal with that. I want a bit of revenge... I haven't let on that I know.

I could meet them at the airport, or text him pictures of their travel itinerary when I know he's arrived at their destination.

I also want to hire a moving truck to move his stuff out while he's gone. I'm seriously done! What do you think? Any suggestions? Their trip is planned in about 3 weeks.

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