I was a fool from the beginning. Not anymore!

by Stephanie
(Charleston, S.C.)

I just broke up with my boyfriend of 5 years. For good. He was very sweet and seemed caring at first, but over time he would accuse me of cheating.

He wouldn't come out and say it but eluded to it and it would drive me crazy since it was the furthest thing from my mind.

Our lives changed after we moved into a new home. I had to have major surgery and several of my family went through serious health changes that made the year tough to handle.

But he was there. Then one day he accused me of sleeping with a cousin in a span of a 15 minute trip to the store, i lost it and broke up with him for a time.

We reunited and all was well for awhile until the accusations came back. The sex changed, positions and attitude. He seemed distant alot.

He would hide his phone but demanded to see mine. He would not go to work on days I was off. He would accuse me of being somewhere else than where I said I was.

He would drunk dial me when I took my elderly family out of town. I did and bought for him like a fool until I almost went broke this year.

He stayed at the house but wasn't helping with the money much so I got a roommate and he again accused me of cheating so he and i fought and he had to go. but we tried to see each other. I noticed more and more how he wouldnt talk to me unless i called him or texted him.

I mentioned this but he'd say not true,that he loved me and it was just hard financially for both of us.Then He would make ugly remarks to me in front of these same people I thought were my friends too.

They hid the fact that he has been cheating on me the whole time. It was through a person I haven't spoken to in a while that told me about what was really going on.

I'm upset that no one had the gumption to step up and tell me and save me the trouble of dealing with this now instead of then. When I confronted him about it he of course denied it since we have a truck together and a cell phone.

He wants to keep me cool so that I wont take them back. Today, i cut off the phone and the truck is being picked up tonight.

Why pay for something that I wont see a return on? I've done too much already and it's over. I hope this will help you know not what to put up with just to not be lonely.

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