I'm not stupid

by GG

Ok so here's my story my husband and I have been married for 12 years and in the first year of our marrage I met his ex(high school)girlfriend as we were leaving she hands him a note that read leave your wife i love.

I wanted to rip her hair out and poke her eyes out but he did give me the letter(which was handed to him in front of me)fine we live about 400 miles from her.

Fast forward I found his email open in Aug,2009 and was surprised they are talking (in secret)he said no big deal we are friends and the ever so loving i wont do it again.

Fast forward now they 'er still talking(secretly)I found text and messages which she gave her phone number to him.

He did the right thing erased it and said I wont do it again well they talk on the phone(secret)as you can tell my husband isn't so bright I found the calls messages and whatever else he never deleted his trash so he got the number he called her at the casino without me he talks to her without me and when i told him its her or me he said i want you i will never call her again.

He lied and that statement has been said a dozen times its always been her over me and some of the text are questionable.

I went out of town I heard she came into my home he said no but i heard him tell a friend please say it was your friend that was here.

Ofcourse he say stuff like i never said thatheres some favorites i dont know how her number is on my phone.

You must have done it anyway her husband told me she was here and we chatted he was mad tore cable out of wall and said its not true they are saying this to cause problems and said hes done being her friend so far I have'nt seen any messages or anything else.

He was planning to divorce me and her marriage was ify. Now nothing ........what do think

thanx GG

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If you have to ask,
by: Anonymous


yeah ..leave him
by: anna

i have the same situation though mine just started like beg of this year. i've read flirtatious messages in his fb account , found out i was not the top contact on his YM but this old HS crush of his....when confronted , he was very violent to the point of breaking his laptop ...told me he will leave me
take note we have 2 kids and i have been with him for the last 12 years .i was told i was insecure and that i was making assumptions ...
i am already so tired of this , whenever i confront him about things ,he brings up divorce . we only have one income and that's his .so you see i was kinda fearful espec with 2 kids in tow.
but i've had enough , im walking out . IT'S OVER ..i'm pretty sure i can make it on my own . i am going back to my family and start my life over .

Leave him
by: Anonymous

I am going through a similar situation and in a relationship you need trust.

He clearly has no respect for this relationship if he continues to do things behind your back....

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