Im so confused

I am right here with you hun. I have been with my boyfriend for over 5 years now and we have 2 kids together. Lately there is a woman he works with that he has gone out to the bar with. Ive met her and she is very nice, but she is married and has told me that she is wanting a divorce. Anyways, my bf went to a wine tasteing event for his job and everybody from work was there. i knew he was going there but i couldnt find a sitter so i had to stay home with the kids. he was there from 530pm to about 730 pm. after that i didnt hear from him all night. he didnt answer any of my texts or calls and no one knew where he was. he finally came home at about 1 in the morning. i asked him where he had been because i was worried and he started getting defensive. He told me they went to the wine tasting and then out to eat. and then everybody went out to the bar. He then told me that he drove this woman home because she was too drunk. Am i not supposed to feel upset about this. I mean if i want to go out, i have to find a sitter. He never invites me and if he does, and i cant find a sitter than he gets to go out and i have to stay home. He swears that nothing is going on but i know something is. he compares me to her all the time and likes to point out how much better she is than me. i am a stay at home mom and he says hes a big boy and can do what he wants since he works and pays for everything. me watching the kids so he can go out is how i earn my keep. It makes me feel horrible and like im not important to him. I do everything i can for him and our kids and he acts like its never good enough. I love him so much and just wish he would talk to me about what is going on. And to be perfectly honest, this woman ought to know better. sad thing is, she only lives down the road from us now:( What should i do.

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