Im sorry

by Elaina chavez
(albuquerque, NM U.S.A)

I told you that i was going to be the one by your side
never leaving or letting you be in pain
yet for so long we'd argue
break up with one another
get back together hoping everything will be OK
but one day
i was so foolish
i left your side leaving only tears falling from your eyes
as well memories to hold on too,
you said you still loved me
i didn't care at the time
i told you many Lie's
that i stopped drinking
stopped doing drugs
yet you found out the truth
from that day forward we spoke with caution
now it's been months
maybe even years
we've started talking again
it only maybe for a little while but just know your still in my head...

I'm sorry
for all the pain i caused you
for all the times i lied to your face
I'm sorry for loving you and being lost
insecure do to anger
do to the thought of being hurt again
I'm sorry for lying next to you
saying I'd always be yours
when in the end of everything
it only came out to be another lie,
If only you could see how much i still care for you
if only i could kiss your lips once more
tell you with honesty
i still want to be by your side
where I'd be able to hold you
throughout the day or night...

I'm still in love with you
I've always had been
I hoped for many days to hear your voice again
to see your face
to hold your hand
promising for another time
I'd stay true to you
being the shoulder you'd be able to cry on
catching your tears
calling you my Angel once more
but for now
the only thing i can say is “I’m Sorry"

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