Im very confused.."I just want to put this to rest"

by Earl
(charleston s.c usa)

My wife an I met when we were both young we dated for ten years before we where married.

During the time that we dated we where always together and neither of us ever had any mistrusts toward one another. After we where married there was few times that things happened but I didn't think anything about it .

I worked a lot out of town when we where first married and trusted my wife, one week I came home from being out of town for the week and found used condoms in our bedroom , at that time I really didn't think much about it, I didn't ask her about them and forgot about it, this how much I trusted her.

Couple years ago my wife sister told my daughter that my wife had slept with an ex boyfriend of hers and they had fought over him and was why they could not get alone.

I do remember that one night we spent the night at her sisters because we lived and hour away, we slept on a sleeper sofa I got up to go to the bath room and her sisters boyfriend met me.

He said when ever you're ready come on into the bedroom. I looked at him being confused about what he had said, I thought about punching him.

I went on to the bath room and went back to bed. I never said anything to my wife about what had happened. Her sister was a slut any just figured she wanted me to get with her.

After my daughter had spoke with my wife about what her sister said I begin to wonder if my wife had cheated on me. One night I ask my wife about what had happen .

If she had slept with her sisters boyfriend back then she flew off the handle with me saying that I didn't trust her. I told her she knew that I always had trusted her, I just needed to know if what I was hearing was true.

I couldn't make sense of what was going on we argued about it and I gave into her .a few months later I brought it up to her again because it was bothering me we argued she had told me the first time that she had never slept with anyone but me and told me this again. That ended it I was not going to ask her about again.

My wife sister has never like me and I know that even when my wife and I where dating she tried to break us up. I knew her sister before I had met her and she had tried to get me to sleep with her but I turned her down. I sent my flowers every week when where dating I took her shoping and bought her cloths I gave her money when she needed it.

I took her out to dinner every week and spent time with her and her family her sister had never had someone to treat her this way. When we got married I gave my wife whatever she wanted and still sent her roses and still do today.

But there's just a small amount of this that brother me and sometimes when I'm alone it really hurts that I feel my wife has not been fully truthful with me. I would like to know the truth that's all I would never leave her for any reason I just want to put this to rest.

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