in good times and in bad times? a whimp runs away......

by Loving Mom and wife of 18 Years
(up north)

two days before Christmas....I am thinking..not another charade, please!! Soo...I ask to turn of the tube...let's talk...please! short- his quick fire answer..I fell out of love with you...need some time to think! So he left with a bag, to move into temporary housing, sooo heee said!!!... after he

told our kids (who were heartbroken, needless to say really)

Yes it takes two, yes we both needed to work on US, and on our $situation. Lord know's I tried to communicate. Well....would I have known there was already a 6 month affair at work going on...I could have saved myself all the saliva to lick stamps with! hahaha....

Well...the Companies Bedsheet had done it again..not enough she has 2 little kids on her own, is divorced herself and got one manager walked out the door because she flattened him it's my whimps turn..well guess what
you deserve each other. You run away from your problems you will face even bigger ones. Aside the fact that none of the men in his family utter a word to him.
My children and I deserve way better.....

so now...after discovering all the texting and calls on my whimps phone (that is my account, hahaha)..should I present the bill to the bedsheet of the company...or send it packed as a housewarming gift? LOOOL

Thank god we are strong....what does not kill us will make us stronger! AMEN

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