In your Bed

by DebbieM

you swear that you love me
but it's hidden from others, god forbid they should see you are actually a "we"

you hide your messages online
afraid of what I'll find

in facebook you're single and a real ladies man
surfing applications for women to scam

you turn the ringer off on the phone
for fear of numbers that will be shown

you lock the frontdoor of your house when Im there
afraid of whom, may appear

you tell me I should trust
but my heart is full of nothing but disgust

I come to your place to get past harsh words that were said
to find her yet again, in your bed

it's not the first time she has led you astray
and eachtime you promise you will push her away

the woman you promised me you would never again see
beleiving in your words and thinking you'd only love me

you meet me at the door and utter "its your own fault"
your words are the hardest assault

as I stand before you in shock and tears stream down my face
you hang your head in shame and disgrace

I walk away hoping you'll follow after my broken heart
but you go back to her, more worried that she will part

I sit in tears and my heart breaks apart
the ever burning pierce of that freshly thrown dart

you finish your date and three hours later
message to say I have no reason to hate her

you beg for "one more chance"
but all I can see is your bodies enwrapped in a sexual dance

so many times I said "just once more"
because I had hoped and I prayed that I'd be the only one you'd adore

your actions speak louder then words ever can
was I just a pawn in your masterplan?

we make plans to build our dream home
A big house in the country with lots of room for the dog to roam

I wanted to beleive we'd live happily ever after
and fill our lives with love and laughter

you tell me I'm good for you and have made you a better man
was I so neive to beleive you'd ever take my hand

you say it is me, forever and ever
you've learned to manipulate me and now think that you are clever

you constantly betray my trust
only to surrender to your weakness and lust

there was Lorrie, and Dolly, and ... and so many more
you threw away our life for a few easy whores

you take me for granted and do what you do
because I have been weak and allowed you to

you say that you miss me and that you're sorry
but then turn to your ex Lori

you say if I forgive you
your heart will be true

but the truth is your unfaithful and unloyal at best
so from now on, you can have the rest

your words have become empty full of nothing but lies
and I am tired of being the only one who tries

my heart has become full of distrust and anger
your not the man I fell inlove with, youre nothing but a stranger

someday you will regret the way you have wronged me
but i'll be long gone and finally...happy

you say noone could ever love me the way you do
I can only hope....that is far from true

because love isn't cause for pain and mistrust
it's not about giving into temptation and lust

love is about honesty and opening your heart
and never allowing tare it apart

I've spent two years battered and abused
because when they said give it up, I refused

Im not the woman I used to be
and now it is time to look after, me

I am not perfect and never claimed to be
but I know I deserve more, then misery

I will not spend my life living with rejection and fear
so today is the last day that I will shed a tear

For you I pray you will learn to change your ways
or before you know it you'll wake up old and gray

all alone and so sad
for you never got to experience the love we could of had

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