How Infidelity Affects Children - Cheating Can Tear Apart the Strongest Families

How Infidelity affects children is a topic that individuals caught up in affairs don't stop to think about.

Unfortunately for the children growing up in these situations they are already behind the eight ball before they ever initiate a committed relationship. 

infidelity affects children

When kids are subjected to the infidelity in their family, they are thrown in to experience the ups and downs of the emotional roller coaster that the affair will bring.

All this is done without any considerations of their feelings. Kids are likes sponges and the emotional mess that they soak up as they watch their parents and family get torn apart are emotional scars that can start a cycle of infidelity in their family that will be difficult to break in most cases. 

How Infidelity Affects Children 

  • Children are forced to pick sides when they see that their family is being torn apart. In many cases the parent that was cheated on puts added pressure on them to choose their side. Often they are coached and almost forced to hate the parent that strayed. No child should ever be subjected to that kind of pressure!

  • In a child's eye they want to see their parents as the "perfect parents", and when the relationship doesn't work this is a subconscious message to them that relationships don't work. Again, there future relationships are at a disadvantage.

  • The children will experience an emotional tidal wave of feelings. They may feel angry, isolated, alone, ashamed, bewildered, scared, resentful, and they will certainly have a lack of trust towards their parents. Because after all, they were the ones that let them down.

  • Concentration may diminish. Effects of this may be noticed in their school work, or even their favorite sport. 

Infidelity affects children in many different ways, but you can almost be certain that all those different ways are negative and are long term in most cases. Children do not deserve to suffer for the choices that we as adults make that lead to cheating and infidelity.

As parents we need to protect our kids and get them to counseling if they are thrown into a situation that may be just too much for them to handle. Infidelity Counselors are available to help entire families get through the rough times. 

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