Infidelity Private Investigator

Take The Time To Choose The Right One. Your Relationship May Depend On It!

Hiring the right infidelity private investigator is very important to get the results that you are looking for when you suspect cheating in your relationship. There are many qualified private investigators out there, but not all specialize in infidelity. A specialized infidelity investigator can be the difference that makes or breaks your case.

There are some specialized investigators that will go as far as using decoys to entice an unsuspecting man. I recently saw one of these investigators in action on one of the Fox News channels. The below is from her website:

Sandra Hope is a real-life female P.I., cracking cases, offering expert advice and inspiring exciting entertainment.

There are many private investigators, but only one “Love Detective.” Arizona P.I. Sandra Hope runs Mate Check Private Investigations, a company with the tagline “Is he or she all they claim to be?” Sandra’s street smarts and good looks combine with a caring heart and unerring insight into the human condition, making her the “go-to” lady to get the lowdown on suspicious significant others. Her groundbreaking decoy placements flush out cheating men and women with overwhelming success. The “decoy” dressed to kill and wired for video and sound, makes casual contact with the subject, usually at a bar or similar meeting place. If the subject makes a pass, the decoy steps away before matters can progress and does not return. In turn, as a woman, she quickly keys on the motivations and patterns that lead loved ones astray.

I personally do not agree with this tactic of enticement, but many infidelity private investigators are using it and it is apparently getting results.

The final choice of choosing the right infidelity investigator will be yours, but I strongly recommend taking the time to find one that specializes in catching that cheating spouse!

While he could probably do it, you wouldn’t hire your mechanic to fix you’re air conditioner on that hot summer day because you know what the consequences can be if not done right.

"Some P.I.'s are using decoys
for their infidelity investigation. I don't think thats fair!

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