Infidelity Signs – What You Need To Be Looking For!

Don't Overlook the Obvious Signs of Cheating

So Just what infidelity signs should you be looking for?

Well, the first thing I would say is that I wouldn't recommend living your life looking for infidelity warning signs just to do so. Relationships have their ups and downs, and just because things are not at there best doesn't mean that your spouse is living a life of infidelity.

But is your man being a scoundrel, dirty dawg, or a scallywag?

If they are being unfaithful, the signs of infidelity will be there. They always are if you know what you are looking for. Infidelity takes time and in many instances it takes emotion and devotion from one relationship and shifts it to another.

Remember your science teacher back in school telling you that "energy is never lost, only transferred", well if you paid attention back then you will know now.

This law holds true in many relationships. When a person checks out of a relationship it is usually because they have reservations somewhere else.

3 Very Important Infidelity Signs to be Aware of:

  • The human nature and behavior is quite interesting and complex. Many times you will behave a certain way without knowing it because of what you are feeling or what is on your mind. Despite it not being a "caught red handed" sign, the distant or odd behavior that your spouse may display when being unfaithful is one of the most obvious and telling signs you may come across.

  • Because cheating and infidelity takes time, to cover their conniving ways they usually have to change their cell phone habits or patterns in order to maintain a line of communication. They will need to communicate with their lover so monitoring their cell phone will usually take you straight to the source of the betrayal.

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  • Communication is the key in making a relationship work; well it's the same to make an affair work as well. Your spouse may start to display secretive ways while on the computer. This behavior is usually late at night when they are alone. Surprise visit on occasion may shed some light!

The list of obvious infidelity signs runs long. In fact, almost anything out of the ordinary can be taken as signs of cheating. So, the important thing is to trust your gut feelings when it comes to determining where you stand in your relationship and what your partner may or may not being doing.

Your gut will usually stare you right! From there it's up to you to uncover and expose the dirty laundry if there is any.

You will find many other tips and advice here when it comes to obvious and inconspicuous signs of infidelity.

"I should have known
he was fooling around. It was right in front of me."

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