Infidelity Victims Giving Advice to Sandra Bullock

Infidelity Victims Giving Advice to Sandra Bullock

Fans all around the globe are coming out to help Sandra Bullock through her hard times.

Here is an excerpt from

It's Never Really About the Cheating by Kori Burnham
I've been both cheater and cheated upon, and each role is gut-wrenching for distinct and separate reasons. The first time a boyfriend cheated on me, I was a freshman in college. I thought my world was ending ... that I would die of some sort of 'Sex and the City' and ice cream-induced coma. Six years later, I'm still alive, kicking and laughing about it. I would be remiss to pretend my experience as an eighteen-year-old is the same as that of a married woman who finds out her husband has been unfaithful, but I do believe there are fundamental truths about cheating that are relevant regardless of age, experience and situation.

She really does seem as if Sandra has become America's sweetheart.

  • Five Infidelity Victims Offer Advice for Sandra Bullock (full article from Popeater)
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