Is an Online Affair Cheating?

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Is an Online Affair Cheating? The answer to this question seems to vary depending what forum I see it asked in. Thank you for taking to time to fill out this poll question.

This topic is one that I have seen answered both ways in the forums but finally with this poll we can see which answer is really favored. It doesn't surprises me anymore when I hear different views about relationships and cheating but it will still be interesting to see your answers.

After taking the poll, be sure to scroll down the "Thank You" page to see the results from this poll.

I will be adding new questions frequently so be sure to come back often to voice your opinion on the other cheating polls.

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Comments From Others

"An online affair is absolutely cheating and if I caught my husband messing around online our marriage would be over"

"It depends what exactly took place online. That question is very vague and leaves a lot to the imagination."

"If the person becomes emotionally attached, then it's cheating. Because that means the other partner will be getting less emotional affection because of it"

"I wouldn't consider it cheating, but I would say that it is a problem that has to be dealt with and could very well lead to breakup even though it's not technically cheating"

"If they are getting aroused and they become emotionally involved then I consider it cheating. But if someone just flirts and knows when to draw the line then it's not"

"Is an online affair cheating? An affair is an affair to me. Emotionally, physically, spiritually. If they are stepping out on the relationship in anyway then it's cheating. If they can't tell their partner about it then it is 100% cheating."

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