Is Computer Monitoring Ethical?

Here's 3 Reasons Why It Is Absolutely Ethical!

Is computer monitoring ethical?

There are three main reasons for computer monitoring. To monitor your children's internet activity, spy on your spouse or loved one, or track your employees to see how productive they really are.

So is computer monitoring ethical?

This is what I think...

When it comes to your kids, they are just so many outside influences that can get them caught up and lead them in the wrong direction. So by monitoring your child's activity I say it is being proactive by taking an interest in your child's development. As you see all time on TV, sexual predators are out there and they are doing just that, preying!

Ok, now about spying on your spouse or loved one. If you are in a committed relationship then there should be trust. But with saying that, the trust is there because you deem your loved one as trustworthy. But, if that changes then I feel there is a need to assure yourself that they should still be receiving your unconditional trust. The way to do this is to monitor your spouse's computer. This is a major form of communication and if you use the right software you are almost certain to find any wrong doing going on.

Guilt comes to play when monitoring your loved one because you think how you might feel if the tables were turned. I would only recommend doing this however if there is truly signs that you just can't over look. Also, if you are in a relationship in which you think your partner has already checked out mentally and physically you may need to do this to see just how far they are really gone.

Be careful though! There is a saying, "Look and you shall find!" and that is the case many times so be prepared for your findings.

Employees at the workplace. You want to make sure your employees are actually working and not wasting company time. With computer monitoring software, you can monitor multiple workstations at once. Is it ethical? Well, only the employees who have something to hide would say no.

I would say this. Business is business. You are trying to be successful, then you shouldn't feel bad exposing employees that don't have the company at heart. You have every right to know where your hard earned money is going. I would personally just let them know upon hiring, that all workstations are monitored for productivity.

"I monitored her computer, I didn't like what I discovered,
But I needed to know." - Charles from Orange County, CA

So back to that question..

So is computer monitoring ethical?

I would say absolutely 100% it is totally ethical IF used in the right manner and at the right times! ;)

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