Is Flirting Cheating?

Is Flirting Cheating?

Is Flirting Cheating?

So is flirting cheating? I came a across I very interesting comment on a forum where a visitor was asked this very same question. That response was:

No, of course not! Is watching Food Network the same as eating?

What I also came across when I searched for what others thought about this very interesting question is that the answers were all across the board.

Some said, “Absolutely not” while others said “it sorta is”.

When it comes to relationships, our views are really all across the board.

I wondered to myself how many of the people that answered no, really only answered that way because they were doing it and didn’t want to consider themselves cheaters.

Would it be acceptable if they saw their significant other in action doing just what it was that they said wasn’t cheating. That brings up another question, could it be considered “not cheating”, yet still wrong?

The question, “is flirting cheating” is left up for interpretation and who is to say what the line is that officially makes it cheating.

Is it the emotional bond that may have been formed while flirting?

Is it cheating if your partner becomes sexually aroused?

How about if they are alone in a bed room while flirting?

I personally think there just too many variables involved to make it a yes or no question.

So, what I am curious about is, what is the “line” for you personally that would make the flirting situation one in which you would consider your partner cheating?

After defining “your line”, would you then break up with your partner if they crossed it?

The question is to you, is flirting cheating?

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by: Anonymous

It probably is in most instances.You could ask how far did it go, were you aroused, did you act on it did you want it to happen. Was it with someone you know. Was he or she willing, you know, excited ?Finally, what was your intent. In the end only you know if it was cheating or not.

Flirting is Cheating
by: Anonymous

Look up the definition of Flirting. Its a playful, romantic, or sexual act towards someone you're attracted to generally done verbally or body language. This means it is wrong to do if you're in a committed relationship or marriage. any type of sexual act towards someone other than your partner is considering a small form of cheating. Im not saying you can't find other people attractive but to act on it with flirting or sexual conduct is inappropriate when in a relationship.

Two very different things
by: Anonymous

I don't believe flirting is cheating. That's why they are called two very different things. If you can't differentiate the two, then you're probably too controlling. Flirting is natural. It's playful and meaningless. I would never do it in front of my boyfriend and I would not want him to do it in front of me. I flirt with people but there are never any serious intentions behind it. It is completely meaningless to me. There is no emotion with it, it's just fun. I have no intention on making out with the other person or sleeping with them. Sometimes it's just nice to be noticed by other people and to feel wanted but I would never cheat. I understand putting yourself in their shoes and of course no one wants to see their partner flirting with another person but the truth is, it happens. When it comes to flirting, the fact of the matter is, I'm coming home to the person I love and care about. I'm not taking the person I just flirted with home or going anywhere with them to do anything sexual. There is no secret rendevouz or meeting up later or another time. It's a one time deal. Hell, the last time I flirted with someone it was a friend. He knows I have a boyfriend and we both knew it wasn't serious.

The definition of flirting - "Flirting is not telling someone blatantly that they look sexy or hot. "
by: Anonymous

In my eyes, the definition of flirting is being extra friendly or playful with someone. Flirting is not telling someone blatantly that they look sexy or hot.

In my opinion, that is called hitting on someone and that is not right when you are in a relationship.

When you hit on someone, you are making a direct comment towards them which is meant to tell them that you are interested.

Flirting is simply a way that guys and girls interact when they get into a social situation with each other (a party,for example).

However, I don't think it's appropriate to flirt when your boyfriend or girlfriend is in the same room because they should have all of your attention, and you should treat them respectfully.

However, when my boyfriend is not around I may flirt just because well, I'm a girl, and if there are guys at the party and my boyfriend is not there then I will try to be outgoing and I will harmlessly flirt.

Most of the time I will not even touch anyone. I flirt with friends, guys that I don't even find attractive, and guys that I do find attractive.

So virtually every guy. But it doesn't go beyond being playful and friendly. I don't particularly want to make these guys think that I want them sexually or emotionally.

Hope that answers your question!

It depends on your status
by: Anonymous

If you are single, of course it is okay to flirt.
But if you're committed in a relationship it is wrong, even if you just compliment another person of the opposite sex - it is a bigger problem when you never or barely compliment the one you're committed to. It's like trying to see if the grass is greener on the other side. From the moment that you flirt, you imply that you're free and not bound to anyone, and that thought of making yourself available to someone else when you're in a relationship is called emotional cheating and that's the very beginning of Cheating with a capital C.

Flirting leads to cheating
by: Anonymous

it depends on the nature of their flirting and the intentions behind it. But I kind of feel that flirting is sort of the first step to cheating. Flirting is where it all begins. My husband flirts a lot and I always felt it was harmless until FINALLY I find out that he cheated with my best friend - someone he would flirt with often. He would just be kind to her as he is to everyone but of course when ur not around that can lead to things beyond our control. I would talk to your partner and let him know that you are not okay with his flirting and that it makes for an uncomfortable situation. It is best to nip those behavoirs in the butt.

Are you serious?
by: Anonymous

Are you serious? Life is too short. If you can't flirt then they may as well stick a fork in you!

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