Is He Cheating Online?

Is He Cheating Online? Because of the anonymity and intrigue of the internet, that is a question that many women are asking themselves.

If this question crosses your mind then you may be one of many women that have become an increasing statistic.

The temptation of the internet has an alluring affect and many men are falling into the dark realm of the entangled web.

With only a few key strokes, a man can become a Don Juan to an inviting counterpart. You can call it a lazy society, but the internet has made it so much easier for someone to sit at home and reach out to all parts of the world without ever stepping outside their house. 

is he cheating online

In many internet affairs, the relationship starts as such where the individuals involved may initially start out by flirting harmlessly.

But, like the start of any good movie, it never really gives away the twists and turns that are in store for you.

Is he cheating online?

Well, again if it's crossing your mind, then you should make the time to mind your relationship.

I say this a lot, but many relationships fail because either one or maybe even both of the individuals involved stop paying attention to the little things in their relationship as they use to when it was fresh.

And guess what!

The internet brings the FRESH! 

is he having online affair

So ladies hopefully you are not already in a situation where he is cheating online or being unfaithful in any capacity.

However, if you do suspect that your partner could be cheating online then you need to pay attention and finally be able to answer that question that's burning inside your head.

Is he cheating online?

Signs He is Cheating Online

  1. He is very secretive when he is on the computer. When you come by, you quickly hear him clicking so that he can close out or minimize what he was looking at. Well, to counter this, you will need to be proactive. Pop in on him at times he doesn't think you will. When you come in, sit on his lap and tell him that you need to check something really quick. Hit the back button or click the browser tab that displays the recent history. Since you popped in, he won't have time to delete this history. If there are no obvious sites right of the bat, make a mental note or ask him in a nice way what that website is that you see in the history.

  2. An internet affair is similar to a physical affair in the fact that the man will usually display signs such as withdrawal or being cold to his love one. Where he once use to be loving and affectionate, he is now distant. The internet is his new love. Why? You need to find out.

  3. His internet times are uncontrollable. He is up to all hours of the night. Especially the hours when you are fast asleep. This is his perfect time to explore freely and carry on his cyber affair.

The feeling that your partner is cheating on you is a big blow to your self esteem and it is a feeling that can slowly break apart even the strongest bonds.

Remember, as long as you choose to still be with your partner you will want to be very civil and I would really recommend being discrete until you find the answer to that one question that really needs to be put to rest.

Is he cheating online?

Ladies, what you have on your side is technology. Be sure to read on to see how you will use today's technology to your benefit and catch him cheating online.

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