Is he cheating while working out of town?

My husband works out of town during the week, with 4 other guys he is the only married one (the rest just have live in girl friends). They like to go to bar and grills to eat dinner a few times a week.

There has been times over the last few weeks that he has not answered his phone for hours on end and always has an excuse of why.

He tells me about what all the other guys do while they are out, but he tells me how much he loves me and would never do anything like that to me.

But I cant get this feeling out of my gut that something is going on with him. Help how can I find out??

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Happened To Me
by: Anonymous

My husband went out of town to "work" 2 yrs ago. He was gone 6 wks. I had to have surgery and keep the home fires burning in his absence. Every night he'd call and say he loved me. He came home - everything seemed ok -- and then I found it. Receipt in his email account ( he forgot I knew his password) for FLOWERS -- Get Well Soon.. LOVE Robert. SERIOUSLY? He didn't even give ME flowers. He met her out of town - wined/dined her ( never did that for me) and when I found the phone # on the receipt, I called this woman. She just said. "It's not like that".. And hung up on me. SO.. here's the kicker. He wants to go back and work for TWO YEARS in the same place. Why? So he can REUNITE with his ex flame who is SINGLE? Ladies.. if it smells like a rat, it is. Once a cheater, always a cheater. If he goes this time? He will have divorce papers in his hand before he leaves. I am forgiving/understanding .. but I read the book and know the ending. I'm no chump.

Is he cheating
by: Anonymous

He works out of town seems to hang out at the hotel bar when away he has stopped having sex with me and always distant but says he has never cheated on me in the 30 years we have been married says he gets offers but tells them he is married

by: Anonymous

Believe me when I say Most men are not good liers!!! If you suspect your man is cheating don't confront him just yet. If you sit back and listen watch they will leave you signs... My husband worked 5 hours from home and when I tell you they are stupid... When they come home put a recorder in the vehicle they drive. Check his phone! But don't accuse until you know what's up. They are easy too catch cause they are not smart.

Not all men cheat.
by: Anonymous

Sometimes it depends, how old is he? Not all men cheat, I have 3 brothers two of them cheated one early in the marriage now faithful loving husband, the other was just a hoe, then the other never not that type, how do I know they tell me everything. But if deep in your gut you feel it then more then likely he is doing something wrong might be strip clubs but not necessary having sex. Talk to him about your concerns again but watch his body language if he gets mad and starts a fight that is a sign.

OUT OF TOWN - "Its not adding up"
by: Anonymous

I have a boyfriend out of town because he works and things are not adding up either. He says that he fell as sleep at 930 PM when he does not even fall asleep at that time.

He tells me that a certain bar does not have reception. He tells me that he did not pick up the phone because he does not have reception. At the moment I don't really know what to do since he works 2 hours away. It just not adding up to me.

20 years and never caught
by: Luv working out of town

Secrets that friends know...Not every one who says he/she is a standup guy/girl is telling the truth. Working out of town gave him/her a double life. His/her company was his wife/husband who cooked, cleaned and provided for him/her, while porn, strippers and picking up men/women with a crew was his/her sexual replacement and was very much anticipated. He/her gave the same excuses, the guys/gals do it I don't and never will, I fell asleep, the phone died or no reception every time you called...or I'll call you back and never does...with the excuse "I fell asleep" Don't forget the last night out of town..he/she will never answer because thats the party if up until you have to go back to the hag and kids. If he/she likes that he/she will give every excuse not to change jobs, so its time he/she takes care of the kids and you travel. See what he/she says about that. I bet its "I luv you your the best" or "we can't afford me to move jobs". If he/she is bringing cologne/perfume, best shirts/slingy stuff and getting a haircut/style before leaving...its a given. Also, if your asking questions and he/she gets very loud or confrontational and wants to walk away and doesn't bring it up...thats another given. Even steven, every night he/she is out of town is when you have a babysitter/cleaner and you eat with your friends or by yourself at a restaurant. If he/she says thats too expensive tell him/her you don't come cheap! Or, tell him/her your done taking care of the kids, his/her turn and drop works. don't get used, best quess you weren't a cleaning guy/lady before you met your guy/gal. How do you feel living your life at the expense of someone else? It's to your benefit if the spouse believes you - lying is easy. Good luck!!

ps. don't forget when you find out he/she will say...I just did it because the guys/gals did and they wanted me too then cry.

pss. he/she, guys/gals - gender neutral I work with both that cheat too.

all men do
by: mimi

when a man had so many opportunity out there. he is more likely to cheat. it's either you know it or you don't. as in your case, yes he is cheating on you. don't believe they said not all men cheats. yes they all do, it's just a matter of time before they screw up.

Trust your feelings
by: Anonymous

In my experience, you should trust your feelings, until you can prove them false.

I waited and waited, and then took action and busted my partner of 7 years. ( I guess that thing about the 7 year itch is true.)

Anyway, there are some things you can do to get clues to confirm your suspicion. And if you don't have real proof, a cheater can just deny your accusation. So get some proof.

First, do your mutual friends act like they're hiding something?
Second, does he accuse YOU of cheating?
Third, do your fights seem scheduled?

I got these from a free report
and used them to confront my guy. He
was speechless, and I kicked him out.

Good luck,


cheater if drinks
by: Anonymous

yes, he is if he drinks out of town

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