Is he cheating?

by Valerie

Is He Cheating?

The signs: odd text messages like "sweet dreams", but more, sudden lack of sex, or interest in sex, from someone who usually wants to have sex ALL the time, change in mood, maybe even depressed, anger's easily (or more easily than usual), get's really upset (even cried) when I accused him, and the dreaded gut feeling. He has cheated in his past. I want to think I'm just being paranoid, but... and how do I confront him if he gets really angry if I do?

Is He Cheating? By Valerie - Canada

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The man be cheatin'!
by: Anonymous

Guys are Losers!

Definitely cheating. Similar story happened with me, he had mood swings, anger, irritability, he got really drunk a couple times and would say things like, "I don't know why you're with me", seemingly for no good reason.

I was kind of confused until I checked his phone and found messages that were under a man's name but seemed extremely feminine and a bit too flirty in nature.

I also called the number and a female answered. Confronted him, he denied it and had a great cover-up story which I pretty much believed, but still had a nagging gut feeling that something was off.

Then, a couple weeks later, I found the number again by chance and called it, and got a girl's answering machine. So I confronted him again and he knew he was busted, admitted he had been texting this girl behind my back for a few weeks, but said they never had any physical contact.

Guys are losers

Something is wrong!
by: Anonymous

He is obviously texting another girl with "sweet dreams". Is this your boyfriend or husband? If I was in a serious relationship I would need to find out and would probably hire a private investigator if it was my husband. He is definitely disrespecting your realationship! Hope it works out..

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