Is He Cheating?

by Jan
(Atlanta Ga)

Me and my husband has been married for 13 years and I thought we had a good marriage. We had some ups and downs but always seem to get through it. There was one time early in our relationship that I thought he cheated because he got very drunk at this party and was all over an old girlfriend. I got upset and took our children home. He didn't come home that night but swore nothing happened.
As time passed, I forgot the ugly incident and went on living. Well about five years ago my husband had a lady that worked with him. I didn't think nothing of it because she was married. I hated when he would talk about her because he always made her sound like the perfect package and he always talked down about her if he didn't start treating her right, someone is going to steal her away. This went on for a couple of years. Them two talking, calling and texting. He would come home from work late and say that he had to work late. I didn't question it because I trusted him. About two years ago, she moved to another state with her husband. We would even vacation near where she lived so he could be able to see her. They are such good friends....
Last month again we vacationed in her town but we were with another couple. My husband got really drunk and I over heard him say while he was texting her, that he wanted some more of that stuff. Well that was it!!!! I was beyond talking at that moment. So he figured out what happened and ever since been saying that it was a joke. I called her up and she said that at one time when we were having trouble that they had talked about it never did anything. He says the same thing and even swore on the bible that he didn't but he could have. So did he cheat or not???

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