Is Kissing Cheating?

So Is Kissing Cheating?

So Is Kissing Cheating?

So is kissing cheating? On a night out on the town with her girls, your woman kisses a total stranger after a few too much to drink.

Is that acceptable and what is that grounds for? Would you break up with her for that?

I use to think it was acceptable but now feel it is grounds for break up. Though I personally think each situation is its own and needs to be treated as such.

While its grounds for break up, I personally would want to know what took place with my girlfriend and what lead to the kiss. I would never tell my girlfriend this, but because I do feel she is such a special person I would consider all options if it did occur.

It really would be hard and I couldn’t guarantee what my reaction would be, but looking at it right now from the outside I think I would have to take all factors into consideration before I made my final verdict on our relationship.

So I am curious to know what others thought.

Is kissing Cheating?

I’ve heard many say that it’s not really cheating unless there is intercourse. I guess it all depends on where you are in your relationship. If you are just there with someone, then you may not really be connected with that person.

Is kissing cheating? I think there are many that may think that flirting is cheating. I won’t go that far, but to each is own.

What are your thoughts?

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Comments for Is Kissing Cheating?

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by: Anonymous

Its all about intent. What is going on in the minds of the people kissing? Is the kiss a prelude to things to come? Was it something one or both wanted for a long time ? Many times people do things when they are drunk and regret it the next day. Some are able to walk away while others love the excitement and want more.

Kissing is the ultimate cheating..
by: Anonymous

Kissing to me is the so sensual and intimate. It leads the all other things, but before you can get to the sex, it all starts with kissing.

Sometimes the sex doesn't come because of all sorts of reasons. Maybe you never get to see that person again, but I think once you kissing that person intimately, your mind is already imagining you in bed with that person. Sometime it happens sometimes it doesn't.

I would never want to find out that my girlfriend made out passionately with someone else. I would be scarred forever.

So, yeah kissing is cheating, no doubt!

yes, it's cheating
by: Anonymous

Yes, it would be considered cheating. Sex doesn't have to occur for it to be cheating.

Serious dating or casual???
by: Anonymous

I've been dating my boyfriend for over a year and we are getting married when we get a bit further in college, however, we are not engaged yet. Even before we were this serious we were seeing each other exclusively.

I personally feel if you are dating someone exclusively and they kiss another person then it is definitely grounds for breaking up with them.

If you are just casual dating then I think it doesn't matter as you are not obligated to that person.

BUT!!! As you said, each situation should be taken into consideration.

But personally if my boyfriend ever kissed another girl after all the promises he's made me, I'm pretty sure I'd die on the inside. If you're dating someone who truly loves you, they wouldn't be in that situation in the first place.

Is Kissing Cheating?
by: Anonymous

In most relationships it certainly would be over the line because it often accelerates the mind sex games which often lead to going all out eventually.

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