Is my bf cheating or mad at me?

by miranda
(new hampshire)

Well I met this guy on the internet and he lives two hours away.

Qt first I wasn't really talking to him but I took a chance and he asked me out and I said yes.

Turns out I really love this man were meeting on the first but I'm scared for
A couple reasons

First reason: I called him an asshole joking around and he called me up scared

Thinking his ex got a hold of me on fb and he started saying stuff so I went on her fb

Curious on why he was so scared and I found her saying he was stalking her and willing to kill himself and even though he had me he's still trying to fight for her.

Then I told him about it he said no she's stalking me blah blah blah and that he is in love with me but he still loves her and always will cause she was a big part of his life then he told me when his grandpa had surgery he was on the phone with her then he changed it to she was at the hospital. I don't know but everyone's saying dumb me but I love him?

Second: he was wondering if we were gonna have sex the first night wants naked pics of me and he wants a kid with me

Third: He loves pale girls and cause its winter I'm paleish n I said I'm gonna tan this summer he said just saying I like pale girls

Well my heart says no and I say yes but as soon as I'm close to saying I'm done :/ just the timing right and he's sweet

Oh and he bowls a lot like I mean a lot all day n once he never texted me for a week and I told him and he said give me a week couldn't call him nothing broke up with him n I got back together because he started texting me again

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