Is My Husband Cheating?

10 Sure Fire Ways to Know!

Is my husband cheating on me? Your husband has been acting strange lately and you are not sure if it is the stress at work or another woman, but either way you need to get to the bottom of his behavior. Your relationship may depend on it!

You have had your suspicions, but you cannot tell for sure if he's cheating on you. Below you will find some sure fire ways that may get you the answers you need.

Here are some tell tale signs to answer the "Is my husband cheating?"question. 

is my husband cheating

Is My Husband Cheating? 10 Sure Fire Ways to Know!

  1. You find that your husband is out of money more often these days. Check his bills if possible to see where his money goes.

  2. Your husband has been picking up lot of fights with you lately. Try to analyze why these fights happen and if you find that it is he who deliberately picks fights, then it could be because he's seeing another woman. Picking fights is a tactic men use to deal with their guilt.

  3. You find that your husband has become very secretive about his female colleagues and does not want to talk about them as he used to before and also, gets irritated if you ask too many questions.

  4. Your husband has suddenly become very conscious about his appearance and takes a lot of time getting dressed. If your husband is naturally a metro-sexual man and is suddenly worried about his looks… there could be something fishy.

  5. Your husband is working late much too often these days. In fact for the past few months, it has become an everyday feature…could there be more to this? This is the most common reason women ask themselves, "Is my husband cheating on me?"

6.His friend circle seems to have increased and he seems to be having way too many buddy nights and his cell phone is generally switched off when he is out. Is he really out with a buddy?

7.You find that he has become secretive about his phone calls and text messages and seems to be getting a lot of both lately. Also he has gotten ultra possessive about his mobile and won't let you touch it.

8.Your husband's libido has suddenly taken a dip and it has been months since both of you had sex. He seems least interested in sex and always says that he is either tired or has a bad headache.

9.Your husband seems to have suddenly turned caring and keeps calling to ask where you are. This is often a way to keep a tab on your movements so that he is not caught with the other woman.

10.Your husband has suddenly changed the passwords for his personal email ID, without letting you know. Both of you had always shared each others password earlier. You also find that he has put in a password for his phone as well.

"Is My Husband Cheating? How can I really tell?"

If you have noticed any of the above tell-tale signs for quite some time now, then the answer to "Is my husband cheating on me?", may be yes. 

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