Is my husband cheating?

by Krystal
(milton fl)

I got this felling that my husband is cheating. He works swing shifts and he has been working late this week.

So he don't come in till 3 in the morning but this morning he didn't get home till 5 but he said he got of work at 3.

He thinks when i fall asleep i will not know anything he has mad remarks like that before like i he was joking.

But what makes me think even more he is cheating is that he got a new smartphone 3 months ago and its always on silent when he is home he never will leave it in open view where i can see it.

And then yesterday he takes his phone to the bathroom with him like he always does but before he went in he got a phone call from his mom and at that time his phones ringer was on but when he came out about 30 min.later he gets another call and its on silent again.

I know that sounds crazy but it always seems that when he is in the bathroom his phone is always with him. Its not the first time its happened. So i asked him why is your ringer off now but when your mom called it was on..... and that's when he said all i ever do is make him look like a cheater but i didn't say he was cheating.

I just asked a simple question and he told me i let my mind think of stupid sh** and i needed to seek help from a doctors and get on some meds because i was crazy. We have been together for 7 years and just got married last Feb. our sex life is not so good anymore we might have sex once every two weeks if that. It just all of a sudden stopped.

Most of the time i know where my husband is so i think his cheating has been on the phone but last night i think it might have went a little further.

Please someone out there please tell me what you might think and ways i can find out more.

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