Is my husband still involved with another woman - "there were several texts from a female co worker, back and forth. "

I have been married to my husband for 10 years. We have one child. Our marriage has always been strong and we each supported one another.

As a teen my husband suffered major depressions, and as an adult he has had few, about 3 since we have been married.

This time around I didn't catch his mood as quickly as usual. He has been working a lot (a fact) and started going out more.

All of this has been happening in the last 3 weeks. 2 weeks ago I started feeling tension between us, heavy look on his face.

He told me he is not feeling us and needs to clear his mind. i was in shock, but was calm enough to talk about my feelings and importance of the last 10 years.

He did agree with everything I said. I figured I'll give him some space. However, gut wrenching feeling prompted me to check his phone, there were several texts from a female co worker, back and forth.

I have discovered this last Saturday. On Sunday he had a great talk with a trusted family member and realized he is in the middle of an episode, depression.

We talked that day and I told him I know about her, didn't tell him about snooping on the phone, just connected other dots.

He denied everything, just co workers, bla bla bla. Monday he was gone for a bit after work, Tuesday, my life seemed to be back to normal, he is home, phone is not going off 100 times, we had a date night, we met another night with some friends, I am not getting any vibe from his friends that they are aware of an affair.

We have had sex every day for the last 5 day, all usual, no red flags. He seems a little bit distanced, but I am figuring it is due to last leg of depression or withdrawal from her.

Knowing my husband time will come when he will tell me the truth about her, right now I don't care about what happened, just what will happen.

My question is (after searching forever on the internet and not finding anything) what are the signs that he is finished with her?

She has posted something suggestive of that on her fb page. Knot in my stomach is almost gone, he is slowly emerging, all seems well, but I need to be able to read signs of " I am here to stay", so I know how to act and react.

Any takers??? Thanks:)

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