Is my mom cheating??

I'm not married. im only 16, but I seriously think my mom is cheating on my dad. My parents have been married for 23 years.

Lately my mom has been constantly texting somebody, she claims its some friend. But every time, someone comes in the room when shes texting she automatically stops.

Also, she use to let me use her phone whenever I wanted, since I dont have my own. Now she won't let me come nowhere near it.

Today, while I was helping her with her online college assignment. She had a window open to her e-mail account. So when she left the room I decided to check it out.

I know spying is wrong, but I was sick of being paranoid. And I found a ton of stuff. Her trying to meet up with people from Craigslist.

I've heard of Craigslist but ive never actually used it, so I dont know what its used for.

Are these signs that shes cheating? And if so, what do I do about it?

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Yes,she is
by: Anonymous

Honey, you are 16 years old. Way too young to be worrying about your mom's relationship issues. They are her issues. What goes on in your parents relationship really doesn't have a whole lot to do with you. YOu will discover as you get older and start having relationships of your own that it is between you two. You need to just stay out of it at this point. Lots of things can trigger an affair but they are really none of your business. Parents can do some stupid things, but they will have to work it out. It is their marriage and their reponsibility. Not yours. You can't fix this. Just try to continue having the best realtionship possible with your mom. Maybe when she realizes all that she cnould lose, she will wake up and fix the issues in her own marriage.

Yo mama is a cheater!
by: Anonymous

Your mom is a cheater... and I know this because MY mom is a cheater.

She used to let me grab her phone and do whatever with it whenever and then one year wouldn't let the effing thing out of her sight.

She was always "shopping" for hours way into the night and only coming home with one bag or nothing at all.

Even claimed to be at the mall hours after it had closed. Well I got her to admit it eventually and my dad found out on his own before either of us told him!

Now she is cheating on her boyfriend (the guy she cheated on my dad with) and I'm so sick of it she lies to me about it. So gross.

You should tell your dad, I wish I had.

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