Is there any hope for a 52 year old man who cheats?

by R

Is there any hope for a 52 year old man who cheats? We have been together for 9 months... This time... It was seemingly really good until he lied about a phone text... Said it was a male named KW. A little google search told me not... He has been away, (a pilot) I confronted him on this lie... He did not deny it... Has been extra nonchalant a out it... I'll explain it when I get home.... I don't know if I want to hear his excuses... A month prior he was caught out with another woman he said was someone else... I shared the Facebook photo with the friend who saw him and she confirmed it was not who he said it was... Busted twice... I know. Should I confront the other woman? How do I react to his manipulative excuses?


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53 and still cheating
by: Anonymous

My husband is 53, we've been married for 8 years. He became widower 2x and I am his 3rd legal wife. He's been cheating all his life with different women. In 2013, I really caught his text messages and traced the woman. He promised to stop but after a year I still found out he didn't because he said the woman has a heart disease that he could not stop it right away...but gradually... the woman got pregnant to another man, meaning that woman fooled my husband at the same time. I received text msgs from unknown telling me that they still continue their rerlationship while he denies it. I have a very heavy heart and I don't know if moving away is the best way...

middle aged crisis
by: nae nae

At 52 years old he should be settled down and content. However he seems to be unhappy and seeking outside to fill a void. Maybe he got married to young and didn't get to experience life as he should have.

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