is this Signs of Cheating Spouse

by mhumie cho

i have a feeling that he cheats because he always carry his cellphone wherever he goes ...even in a pee he always locked his cell phone inside the car..then let me sleep first and then go online in the internet to open his accounts without my knowledge and then flirting in the internet..he always choose girls near our town.. I've tried my best to read all his text messages and i found out though there is no names of the senders i know somethings wrong and somethings happening because of the conversation i have read....i also hacked his yahoo mails and ym, facebook..bearshare account etchetera, and i am following the accounts he made i know hes hiding and cheating on me...he changed a lot....i observed it hes not a person hanging out with friends but hes initiating going out lately i know he will meet up with the girl hes texting..and talking about jamming..and yet the worsts thing is ive read a text message with this kind of conversation..its about an abortion and about a money around 90k for the girl to start up and live life according to the texts..i am very much dis appointed and down right now i dont know what to do...please help...i dont know if they have a communication can i find out?

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