Cheating Husband Tries to Seduce Sexy Blonde on Facebook – Turns Out It Was His Wife!

Is Your Husband Cheating on Facebook?

The question is: Is Your Husband Cheating on Facebook?

After reading this article you might have second thoughts about whether or not your husband is capable of cheating on you through the popular site, Facebook.

Here are excerpts from the

I posed as a 21-year-old blonde bimbo, so I had to have the language to match,' she explains. 'I'd write them in text speak, or insert abbreviations. I'd even add the odd spelling mistake, just to make it more authentic.'

Not only did I discover that he was the sort of man who would set up sexual liaisons with a complete stranger, I discovered that he had a whole other life that he was keeping from me,' Stephanie says.

'It wasn't about trapping him. All I wanted to do was find out the truth'

Simon confessed to 'Laura' that he had a wife but also another girlfriend - one, in fact, he has gone on to marry.

'I sent him a message, as Laura, saying "A wife and a girlfriend?" and he just made light of it. Even that wasn't enough for him, obviously, because he was after sex with Laura, too.

'He made that clear - it was all crude, yucky stuff. I couldn't believe this was my husband.'

This scenario is becoming more common. The popular site Facebook is being cited in divorce papers all across the country and possibly worldwide.

I suspect my husband is cheating on Facebook

But can we blame the site for a husband trying to hook up with a total stranger on Facebook? The woman in the story above says Facebook or today's technology is not to blame. It just showed her what her husband was up to.

But should technology take some of the blame? Technology supports the platform for the quickly growing website AshleyMadison that promotes infidelity in marriages.

With sites like this, I have to ask: Is your husband cheating on Facebook?

Would you be willing to bet the farm on your answer, or do you just prefer not to even think about it?

Here is the link to the full article:

My cheating husband tried to seduce a sexy blonde on Facebook - what he didn't know was it was me...

"Is your husband cheating on Facebook? Are you Sure?"

What are your thoughts about Facebook and the impact it has on cheating?

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