Is Your Wife Cheating on Facebook?

Here's How to Catch Your Facebook Cheating Wife!

Is your wife cheating on Facebook?

Is your wife cheating on Facebook? If you suspect that she is, you are definitely not alone. Facebook cheating is quickly becoming an epidemic. The business model and original intentions of the ever so popular social networking site was probably done with all good intentions, and it started out that way.

Somewhere along the way things started to change and it has been changing quickly. Facebook is now being cited in more and more divorce filings.

What changed with Facebook?

I would have to say that nothing changed with Facebook, but everything changed with the people using it. As they got more familiar with it, they become more confident and began to utilize its exponential power.

With this power, more and more long lost exes where found and a lot more past romances were re-kindled at the expense of a current partner.

So is your wife cheating on Facebook?

If she is, it may be right under your nose. How could it be so easy for her to do? Well because the site was designed to talk to old friends and the ex most likely will be assigned that title. More than likely you will be told that he was the one that initiated the online re-union.(how convenient!)

So what can you do about this Facebook cheating thing? Catching them actually on Facebook will probably be very difficult. You will need to monitor her other activities while you are away if you want to know the truth.

So what other activities am I referring to? Well your will need a good computer monitoring program and also a be able to monitor who's call her cell phone during your away hours. She will absolutely use one of these methods to communicate with her lover and you need to be ready when she does.

"Facebook cheating is become an epidemic"

Good luck! 

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