by Rameez

My name is Rameez Shiekh,,, I AM A MUSLIM. I have been cheating with my cousin's wife from the last 6 years , I am myself singal,,there marriage is 8 years old.

Lust was the tool that initiated this relation. But it has been 6 years. She says she loves me more than her husband. And she has done things which certainly would make me belive that she isnt bluffing.

1 year back my engagement was supose to be. And at that point regardless of the disasterous outcome of her actions on my engagement day she told the whole family IN THE CEREMONY about our affair.

Her husband and her parents and so many family friends opposed her. She had to bear bruzes and a broken jaw. And cuz of my family i couldnt help her,, even her husband was my family member( cousin ).

Now we are still in touch we talk on phone see each other ocassionaly even have sex ONCE IN A BLUE MOON. But the thing is she WITH HER OWN HANDS TORE her life apart in my engagement ceremony.

No doubt that was stupid and immoral but what she had bear that day bought me forever.

Please keep one thing in mind that not in ISLAM but in PAKISTANI law ,a woman cannot divorce but a man can whenever he wishes.

My cousin didnt divorced her and is keeping her for 4 years against her will ( BY SUPPORT OF HER FAMILY ). I do comfort her as much anyone can anyone.

I TOTALLY agree that CHEATING is one of the filthiest acts a human can perform but in this sort of situation nothing else was possible.

Now i love her and she loves me,, although we dont live together or see each other daily. And i plane to keep this relation even after my marriage.

And there were REASONS for her to cheat. Before commenting PLEASE PUT UR SELF IN MY SHOES.

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