it's starting to get pretty comical..........

by Ann

I had the feeling he was cheating and when i found out he cheated on me... it drove me crazy!

I couldn't understand why he would do this to me. why didn't he just break up with me! i had to force the truth out of him.

I needed to hear it, more than anything all i wanted was truth so i could move on!! getting the truth out of him was worse than pulling teeth, literally! here i thought this person was so honest inside and out and would never hurt me.

I trusted him with EVERYTHING! now he calls me a few weeks ago (this is about a month and a half after our break up by the way) wanting to be my "Friend" he says he doesn't want to be with this other woman due to her having kids and he not being able to be around his kids (his wife, whole other story, took the 2 kids and moved to a different state recently) he says he still talks to her (the woman he cheated on me with) like once a day, whatever that means! what is the deal with him?

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