Joan Leary, MA, LPC, NCC - Alabama Infidelity Counselor

Joan Leary - Alabama Infidelity Counselor

Joan Leary - Alabama Infidelity Counselor

Joan Leary, MA, LPC, NCC - Alabama Infidelity Counselor

About Joan

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, licensed by the Alabama Board of Examiners in Counseling and a National Certified Counselor. I graduated with a BA in Humanities/Spanish from The Ohio State University and received a Master of Arts in Counseling from the University of Alabama Birmingham.

I completed my Practicum and Internship at UAB Addiction and Recovery and then worked as a counselor in a short term and long term inpatient substance abuse treatment facility. I have worked with impaired healthcare professionals, ie, Drs., Nurses, Pharmacists, Dentists as well as other professionals, Lawyers, businessmen and women, teachers, police officers, ministers, young adults, couples, families etc.

I have attended many professional development conferences including; Motivational Interviewing, Masters and Johnson’s Trauma and Addiction, Evidence Based Practices, Co-Occurring Disorders (Dual Diagnosis), Art Therapy, Spirituality, Pharmacology of Addiction, Divorce and Family Issues, Grief Therapy, and many more.

I am currently the President of ALAAOC- The Alabama Alcohol and Addictions and Offenders Counseling Association.

Contact Info:

Joan E. Leary, MA, LPC NCC
Parkwoods Building
402 Office Park Drive
Suite 250
Birmingham, AL 35223

Phone: 205-529-5565


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