John M - "The moral to the story here is to empower yourself and fight back"

by John
(Stony Brook, NY)

A while back I wrote in telling my tale of hundreds of phone calls made by my wife to the guy she was so desperately in love with 25 years ago. After months of agony and denial by my wife I decided to get to the bottom of it. I called her scum bag "friend" who was also married and left him a message to meet me at a specific location at a specific time or I was going to tell his wife. Well guess what happened? He sure as hell showed up! Trying to talk me down from it. Guilty! He knew all the specifics of my marriage. It was so obvious. He spoke to me like I was garbage and even used terms like "I know your wife longer than you do" Can you imagine. What did I do? I made a B line for his wife, served my cheating wifes ass with divorce papers and moved out!

Now ther both truly screwed. His wife through him out, put the house up for sale and my ex is on the bread line( My kids have aged out so she gets no child support).

As for me. I met a beautiful woman a few months later who treats me like a king. I love her and would do anything for her. I am the happiest I have been in years!

The moral to the story here is to empower yourself and fight back. Make sure those who caused your pain share in the agony THEY created. If we all do this all you cheaters out there will consider the consequences of your actions and think twice.

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