Joseph Cerniglia (the Suicide Chef) - Joseph Cerniglia Was Heating Up the Kitchen With Jessica Marotta (allegedly!)

by Chris

Suicide Chef with Mistress (allegedly)

Suicide Chef with Mistress (allegedly)

So why did Joseph Cerniglia kill himself?

Was the guilt of an affair to much to handle?

The above is a Jessica Marotta picture. I am sure there will be more Jessica Marotta pictures to hit the web.

According to recent reports, the "Suicide Chef" was carrying on an affair with Jessica Marotta.

You may know Joseph Cerniglia from the reality show, "Kitchen Nightmares".

Below is an excerpt from

The 39-year-old chef and owner of Campania was carrying on a sweet romance with Jessica Marotta, his much younger, cookie-cutting cutie, before he took the fatal plunge, sources told The Post.

"They loved each other very much," said the pastry chef's mom, Ana Marotta.

"My daughter is devastated," Ana said about Jessica, who had risen from waitress to co-owner of Cerniglia's Campania restaurant in Fair Lawn, NJ.

The striking brunette cannoli-stuffer Marotta, 27, was too upset to speak to a reporter yesterday after spending time with Cerniglia's mother.

It seems that celebrities are cheating on each other more and more these days, and in this case it cost someone their life.

In the recent past, Steve McNair was killed as a result of an affair he was carrying on.

Are they cheating more, or just getting caught more?

Job 24:15 (New International Version)

15 The eye of the adulterer watches for dusk;
he thinks, 'No eye will see me,'
and he keeps his face concealed.

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Shame on you
by: Anonymous

Whoever writes this shit should be ashamed of themselves. "Suicide Chef"? Really? You don't know anything about the story and write this shit out. Do you even take the time to think these people have families? You're all fu**ing scum that should get a life.

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