by Reg

I met this women a year and a few months ago and we was seeing each other alot on the regular. Out the blue she just starts to become more distant then she decides we should break up when i began to ask question about why she began to change all of a sudden.

So pretty much to sum it all up, that was the end of that. Then a few months had past and out the blue i received a text and a call that i missed.

It was from this same women and i wasn't fully over her because i had strong feelings for this women cause i had built a bond at least i thought i did anyway.

I responded to the text and we began to talk again even though the break up was very rough for me and at a very depressing time of my life to add to the matter but we began to talk and just jumped right back in to things like before.

But more of a friend going forward to something more thing and we finally made to that point months later just for her to pull the same mess again but in another manner.

Now cause now its months and months and months before i every see her,if i ever see her and excuses after excuses on top of excuses.

I dont believe in accusing someone for something unless i have proof but what am i suppose to think at this point i mean who or what person would or could sustain or maintain in a realationship like this when you never see the person who say they love.

They always out and about everywhere but without you its messed up and i really need some true advice im hurting an dont know what to do anymore

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