Justin Timberlake Texting Scandal With Olivia Munn? Here's The Scoop!

by Chris

Justin Timberlake Texting Scandal - Allegedly

News recently broke about some alleged text message that Justin Timberlake sent to Olivia Munn.

Below is an excerpt from MiamiHerald.com

Life & Style reports that an insider told the mag that Munn was showing her phone to friends, and some recent texts from Timberlake ``popped up.''

One read: ``My relationUship is basically over,'' the insider dished. Another said: ``I'm thinking about you.''

Timberlake was said to be romantically linked to Olivia Munn awhile back but he denied the story.

I don't know what to believe but usually when there is smoke there is usually fire. It will probably just be a matter of time before the truth is uncovered in this ongoing saga.
Is Justin just getting tired of Jessica Biel?

It would seem that may be the case, I mean why else would Justin text Olivia Munn after what recently transpired with Tony Parker and Eva Longoria?

The risk that he is taking may represent trouble between him and Jessica.

What is your take on the alleged Justin Timberlake texting scandal?

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