What Is a Key Logger?

The Right Key Logging Program Could Save Your Relationship!

So just what is a key logger? Well, without getting into the technical aspects, it is basically software or hardware that records the key strokes of a host computer.

How is this helpful?

Well, if you suspected that your loved one was cheating, by installing a key logger to his or her computer, you would be able to monitor all the emails and chat exchanges that they did while using that computer.

You would essentially get a detailed report of exactly what they typed while on the computer. A good key logging program could even send the findings to a remote computer for you to check later.

A good computer monitoring program would include key logging as just one of the features that it included. So it will be worth your time to look into complete computer monitoring software.

Computer monitoring programs and key loggers are not only used to catch a cheater, but they can be used to monitor employees at work for productivity or it may even be used to monitor a child to make sure they are not engaging in any bad practices.

I know what you are thinking..

Recording key strokes seems wrong!


Being cheated on is wrong and the safety and well being of your child is definitely worth that feeling!

The good thing about these stealth programs is that they are not out of your budget. Ideally, a private investigator would probably get you a more complete picture of any situation, but who can afford one?

"The program recorded
all the emails he wrote to her!

Be sure to check out the computer monitoring software reviews before you buy to make sure you get the most value for your buck. 

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