LET'S TOAST TO YOU - "no this time not to you,.."

by K chic
(South africa)

A wave of terrifying silence washes over me,
I never thought it would happen again
but now I truly see,

a plastic piece of jewellery,
lie between your sheets,
I wonder could it be,
is it from your funky earring collection or are you still a creep?

something tells me instantly to ask and make it clear,
but all you say is there it is, i was looking for that everywhere!

i don't beleive you,
I know this is no truth,
those horrid feelings from the past,
come racing back into my brain with a blast

liar, liar how could you do this again?
my emotions are in turmoil, i feel like i did back then,
how could I be so blind,
i gave you second chances, and I was always so kind

guess this is what I get,
no more, and I will not live with regret,
i know what i should do,
but I feel like such a fool,

i still don't want to break your heart,
even though you stomped on mine,
i thought very same way at the start,
and now everythings so not fine

i know now that you don't even care,
to find someone with values like mine must be so rare,
i want out, but i am scared that i might be wrong,
but how could i be, when you played the very same song

i don't need you in my life,
i never want to be your wife,
work amd make you happy,
while you lie and cheat and be a happy chappy

i'm done, but not quite yet,
here's my new bet,
you've taken my world away,
now watch as your world frays,

just when you think that you have me forever,
i will disappear and never come back ever,
and leave you sick, and sad and dying,
for all those times I thought about trying

lets make a toast,
no this time not to you,
but to your ultimate destruction and the things I will do!!!!!!

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