Lied To

by Dawn
(Buffalo, NY)

"Lied To"

My husband and I have been married nine years. We have four children and he has one from a previous relationship.

Not sure why but he never really grew up forty years old still insists going out
once a week.

It so happens to be the local topless bar down the street. Always assures me nothing going on.

Walked in couple of times looking for some sign but nothing. Checked phone nothing. Did notice over past two years a frequency of calls to mother of his first daughter.

Then my whole world came crashing down around me. He would go out and I would find the handmade jewelry in his car.

Never admitted it was hers. Confronted her several times always told me she didn't want him.

This past weekend he went out to meet a childhood friend who never showed. He has an iphone through at&t.

It has an online website which gives line details of all phone calls and texts. What a godsend At&T.

Checked the texts for sure eight to her. It was 4:00 am still not home. No answer on cell woke kids drove to her house waited.

He drove her home around 5:10. What a surprise!!!! Denial from both they went out to talk about their daughter haha.

Needless to say I am up in odds he's a cheater she's a whore. Had the nerve to leave her bra in his car.

Unexplainable nobody knows how it got there and yes HE STILL LOVES ME go figure as far as I'm concerned pack the bags you concerned father what about the four you left at home?

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