Long Term Affairs

This Affair Usually Goes on For Years

long term affairs

There are many different types of affairs, but long term affairs are ones in which it usually lasts for years. Knowing just what type of affair you are caught up in, may help you to make the best decision moving forward.

Just as the name implies, this affair can last for many years and may even span the entire lifetime of the marriage once it has blossomed. In this affair, quite often the spouse that is being cheated on will know about the affair but will choose to turn a blind eye to the situation.

Often a sense of loyalty to the marriage is more to blame than fear of walking away.

Financial stability is another reason that the cheated on spouse will decide to stay in a situation such as this. Kids are also a major reason one may choose to stay in this unhealthy relationship.

This scenario may sound ridiculous but it is more common than you might imagine. Because the spouse may have so much invested, leaving may not even appear to be an option. Because of all what's on the line, the spouse may eventually accept this lifestyle for what it is.

In other scenarios, the this type of affair may not come to light until the cheating partner passes away or becomes involved in a serious accident.

This affair can be extremely damaging to the partner that's being cheated on because there is usually knowledge that the cheating partner is contributing a lot of monetary assistance to their lover. Paying rent, mortgages, and expensive vacation getaways are often part of the deal.

If you ever find yourself entangled in the mess of a long term affair, I could only hope that you can find the courage to walk away. While I know this decision may be extremely difficult, I strongly believe that the right decision is to move on despite whatever commitments there may be.

I say this even knowing that kids may be part of the scenario in many of these cases. I believe having personal pride to not settle for such a situation will guide you down a path to a better life in the long run. You just have to believe!

"My brother is caught up in a long term affair!"

I would love to hear your opinion or even a story you may have pertaining to long term affairs. Who knows? Your story may be the difference in someone else's life.

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