Love Lost

by lil'bri

the first day of school you asked me out but my heart already belonged to some body else but weeks passed us by and my love for him was slowly going away thats when you steped in and said can i take his place so we started talking and hanging out you told me that you will never leave me and i should have known that was a lie mouths passed us by and we where still going out but you where seeing another so thats when i moved on but still into this day i asked myself was she more preety then me would you love her and do the things that we did do you ever think about me and the love we had and what we could have been but then one day it came to me and said how could i be so foolish to fall for you and to think that we would last and to think that our love would never be lost but its lost and aint no way nin the hell it can be found why is it me hurting i wish you would have just took my heart with you when you left but you didnt you just left me and my heart here to be in pain and to cry but thats okay cause my heart will heal soon and my smile will come through and i will screw you over you low down dog!!!!!

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