Love or Documentation?

by albert

Almost a year and a half I meet a nice sweet lady on Internet she was from my old country. We chat for a while Until she told me it was very comfortable with me and she decide to come and visit me in Toronto Canada.

As soon she arrived, all was great so far ,but later on after months past she became a little bit anxious concerning there kids, she has two kids one girl and a boy 25 & 20 . She miss a lot those kids, then we decide to found a way to bring in those PLUS the daughter boyfriend (27).

I help everybody at that time just to feel comfortable as a Canadian Citizen we always applied Humanitarian & compaction rules .Slowly she start what I call THE MASTER PLAN in place, they take my own House as a central headquarters for there own goods .

Months past and day by day the plan was more and more obvious, She start to organize the hole house at his own desires and also the Immigration Documentation in place .

Unfortunately I hear that story many times for other people, But I never specs happens to me anyways.

Finally after months of torturing myself and bitter discussions the young couple decide to move out of my place .It was a relief but the battle don't finish here

She constantly argue about my past life and all my mistakes, bad actions etc , Just to clarified myself I'm a hard working guy peaceful person No drugs or alcohol or even smoke .

She always found a point to attack me all the time, even she has more flaws than me she always love to win .

Now the son decide to return back home She was very, very disappointed ,angry and frustrated . The last soldier abandons the camp.

Finally I was hopping all settle down and peace return like the old days. Then after a lot of criticism about my personality and so she made a decision to not continue to living together!!!

My final analysis of that situation is this THEY use me as a bridge to Canada, Abuse me as good person basically they took Cain’s for weakness.

My final decision will be call Immigration Canada and reject all the documentation or just let go?

I share my personal story just aware a lot of singles old people witch looking for a TRUE LOVE not DOCUMENTATION or status in Canada or any country.

Keep in mind when you chat overseas whit a nice looking lady, probably you see faces but not what’s on their hearts.

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