Man Cheating on me while we were in the same bed!

This guy i had been dating for a year on and off was always was lying. From stupid stuff to girls. I always caught him flirting with other women and i just figured it was normal.

One time we broke up for good he started to talk to someone else then seen me one night, kissed me and everything. I contacted her and somehow me her and him all ended up on the phone he told me to my face i was a bitch crazy and that he didn't love me and liked her.

Also that he didn't see me the night before, and he didn't know what i was talking about. Horrible things. I was heartbroken. Anyways we fixed it and moved on then i kept having gut feelings everyone would tell me he cheated from day one.

Then i found phone calls on his phone one night, he had been calling a different girl late at night some nights i was in bed with him and other nights alone. Anyways he claimed he was reading her the bible because she was making wrong decisions, i believed him because he was very religious.

Anyways i had a gut feeling and ended up asking her. She told me he didn't try to get with her but did call her babe and stuff like that and asked her if she would be his girl in college..and to remind you i was in the same bed asleep at times..he was a scumbag. She was nice about it and his sister trashed me on Facebook threatening me calling me a slut. So did his mom and all his family trashed me.

Anyways he probably cheated all the time but i know it was probably because we argued all the time. But still i haven't forgave him. He is a jerk and always will be!

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