Many Doubts - "I am almost sure he's hiding something! "

by Roya
(Lansing, MI)

We have been married 16 years, and our sex life has never been great! We did have sex the very first years of our marriage.

However, he somehow never seemed to be that passionate about it! We have not have sex for the last 5 years and before then none. In the 2 previously years either:(

He always blames me for it because we argue and fight all the time.he never before wanted to wear his wedding ring.....his excuse was ...didn't want to lose it...too big...too small...however,he has been wearing it at work in the past 2 months and I didn't know about it because he doesn't wear it at home...I found out one day he picked me up from Bart station..

I felt funny to see him wearing it!!! I asked him why and he said he liked it!!!

A week ago, I was trying to hug him and he pushed me away saying " it is too late have gone too far"....I didn't say anything..then just two days ago, on Valentine's day, he brings me flowers???? Why? I asked? His answer..."its valentines"...

I never before had the feeling that he is hiding something...just don't know what it is, but I am almost sure he's hiding something!

My doubts are whether he is cheating on me with a woman or a man? He is never late from work and is always at home!

Please need help!

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