Met A Man

by Cecilia

Before you read this poem I want you to realize that the pain goes away, the heart heals and if you reach out there is someone who is always faithful and true. I know all about it, for I have been cheated on more than once but I have come through it because I met a man many years ago that has always stood by me and led me through the dark and lonely times.

I met a man
In whose loving eyes I’ve seen
A reflection
Of a new and wondrous thing
A royal beauty
Cherished, worthy and desired
A blessed daughter
Treasured, Valued and admired
An honored vessel
Chosen, renewed and sanctified
Attired in virtue
To become one as the bride
Oh, the glory
That engulfs me ever since
I’ve been favored
Belonging to this stately prince
Under his shelter
Daily I am safely dwelling
In his wisdom
Forward he my minds impelling
May I ever
Lie within his warm embrace
And be worthy
To seek out his lovely face

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