Mistress,baby, he wants it all

by Isabel

It's been almost a year ago that I found out about his affair, 4years, and a baby. We have been married 16yrs & have 2 children.

I received a call telling me to open my eyes,that he was cheating and where how long and anything I needed to know they told me. Yes he had done this before, the 1st was also married with children,he had met her at his job along with #2 new job and single with 3 kids from 3 different men including him.

The difference is he took this one to meet the family out of state for the holidays, lied about still being married to me. Lies Lies lies was what he had told his family about our family.

I accepted the child and we were ok I thought, as the months went by she was constantly coming to my home looking for him, calling all times of the day at his job, his cell.

I did what I needed and put a spy wear on his phone, it worked I knew when he would talk to her, text or when she would call him.

He didn't like it but he lost all trust when he cheated. About 8 months went by of her coming calling harrassing me and my children, one day she came and literally beat him up it looked like a cat had went crazy on his face along with bruises and knots .

I was upset but he didn't want to do anything about it. So time went by we were fine she moved on I called her and asked her what she wanted with him she told me he was still talking to her and telling her things, wow,eye opener.

About a couple of months went by and he didn't see his child because she wouldn't let him.

Come holiday season he goes over and spends it with her family,what was I really, I was furious but he didn't see anything wrong, he started talking to her again and it was hard, I confronted her and him this last time and the man could not look me in the face.

Ashamed,guilty,embarrassed,sums it all up. She had always told me he didn't want me. Well that night he had only what he left with from head to toe.

I gave him nothing. Did he deserve it? Hey if that's what he wanted go right ahead.

All I say is they want it all ,he loves both of us ,haha when you marry someone you marry that person not to share them.

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