My boyfriend's has custody of his children and his ex comes to visit!

I have a problem with her access to the home. She does not have a key and she knows he's involved with me, however when I'm not there, she'll come visit her children which I don't have any problem with however, I don't feel she need to be upstairs visiting.

When she's visiting them, I feel its appropriate because he's in a relationship to have his children come down to visit with her and when she call he say's she will ask him if I'm there out of respect he say, but my thing is why does it matter if I'm there.

Why can't you visit when I'm there and furthermore if she's coming to see her children or spend time with them, her time need to be outside of his home in her space.

I just think situations like this can lead to things happening sometimes not intentionally and I'm not trying to have myself in a situation where I'm hurt again because I love him so much.

I get the co-parenting thing and I agree parents should be respectful and involved, but he has the kids all the time. When she want them, I feel she can come to get them, she don't have to visit in his space.

I think when you begin a new relationship with someone else there should be a line of respect when it comes to co-parenting out of respect for the person you are currently with.

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