My cheating lier of a husband

by Candice Harper
(Lansing MI)

I've been married two years April 2007, I was contacted May 26 2009 by my husband’s mistress, and she notified me she had been having an affair with my husband for the past 15 months.

She stated they'd been having unprotected sex because she had had VD twice from him. I was shocked I hadn't noticed any changes in his activities other than his over time had picked up at this time we had been attempting to purchase a new home and he had increased the amount of overtime he was taking.

During this same time period his youngest child was graduating from High School he travel to Atlanta for the graduation, he returned home May 24th with five condoms in his suite case.

When I confronted him about the condoms he told me he had not used them, there for just in case!

I moved out of the marriage home Aug 15, 2009 and started divorcing him. This has been a very confusing period in that I want nothing more than to believe this could never happen again, however I have my doubts that my husband has ever really been honest with me about the number of women.

I have reasons to believe there are far more cheating episodes then he admits to. My husband would like for me to forget this and just move back home, he's been unwilling to go to counseling, to discuss with me this issue with honesty he admits nothing, he's very evasive about most things, and always secretive.

My divorce will be final at the end of January and I will move on with my life putting this period behind me totally.

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